Performance measurement

Performance measurements are important for the following reasons. Besides pure registration of the facts, it helps to solve the tasks of networks modeling and regulation. For these purposes we use Agilent equipment and Candela software in our laboratory.

Network Modeling

Our laboratory has the facilities of modern equipment from Candela that provides opportunities to design wireless and Ethernet networks. We also have an OPNET Modeler that make possible modeling necessary networks.
The laboratory is proud to have highly experienced stuff that take part in international conferences and publish their works in the recognized scientific magazines. Their research results are used to develop new algorithms for regulation and control of networks.

Network management

Performance measurements and modeling of networks serve as a base for development of an algorithm for network regulation. The application of the algorithm guarantees the optimal use of resources present in the network with specified quality indicators of data transmission.
Taking into account the characteristics of network flow and modern algorithms for data processing, the new algorithms for networks regulation are being created and tested in our laboratory.


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